Road Trip Magic Chocolate Bar


Buy Road Trip Magic Chocolate Bar Online.

Road Trip Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar 10 count packs are available in stock for wholesale deals. Road Trip Chocolate Bar are lab tested and made with a proprietary magic blend of best strains to ensure a calm and therapeutic experience derived from road trip magic chocolate bar.

Road Trip Chocolate Bar are 4000 mg per pack.

So, with Road Trip mushroom chocolate bars, you just sit back, relax, and enjoy your Road Trip. Best Chocolates Bar is for the best of chocolate bar with mushroom buy Road trip chocolate bar online.

Caution while consuming Road Trip Magic Chocolate Bars.

Firstly, Buy Road trip chocolate bar online at a reliable source with a scannable code for lab test, make sure you are in a safe environment with friends or anyone to keep you cautious while you consume road trip mushroom chocolate bar slowly from 1-2 doses for a start.

Each dosage of road trip bar is of 333 mg of Magic Mushroom infused in the bar and a total of 4000mg of Magic Blend. While cruising on road trip bar from consuming 1-2 doses you get to experience brain stimulation kicking in from the road trip Magic chocolate bar.

Buy road trip mushroom chocolate bar online for a joy riding after increasing your doses to 3-6 Enhanced sense of joy. space caps chocolate bar

Road trip mushroom chocolate bar. Road tripping from 7-12 doses which is another whole experience we call supernatural experience derived from high dosage road trip bar.


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